*So you're a timeshare, how is that different than a traditional hotel?

The major difference between a timeshare and a hotel is the amenities. Our timeshare rooms are full condos, each with a king size bed in the master bedroom, a queen size murphy pull-down bed in the living room, a full kitchen with full appliances, two full bathrooms, fireplace, fully stocked room supplies (salt & pepper, coffee, paper towels, shampoo, soaps, spices, etc.), an indoor pool and hot tub and much more. The trade off is that there is no daily housekeeping service and guests are expected to reasonably maintain the cleanliness of the units during their stay.
In short, with a timeshare stay you get a whole lot more room for your money, but you don't receive daily housekeeping services and must maintain the unit yourself.

*I'm not a timeshare owner, can I still rent a room?

If you are 18 years old or older we do offer unit rentals throughout the year if you book in advance for a minimum of two nights by visiting or calling:

*Can I pick which floor or room I stay in?

No. Beings that we are a timeshare and not a hotel, the room that you are renting is an owners unit that they have decided not to stay in for their assigned week. These units could be on any floor and if there are more than one units, the renter who booked first gets the higher available floors.

*Are pets allowed?

No, pets are not allowed anywhere on property including your vehicle. However there are pet boarding options we recommend in the area and we would be happy to provide contact information for those.

*Do you allow smoking?

No, we do not allow smoking of any kind unless it is in the designated smoking area (far north end of building).

*Can I bring & park my RV, Trailer, Boat or Tow-able during my stay?

Unfortunately no. We cannot accommodate the parking of RV's, trailers, oversize vehicles, car haulers, boats, or tow-ables of any kind and we will not be held responsible if they are towed.

*How close are you to the beach?

You can see the ocean from all rooms. Walking distance is about 5 minutes or drive on access is about 1 mile north of the resort on "I" street.

*What is the maximum room occupancy?

1 bedroom unit = 4 occupants (children included)
2 bedroom unit = 6 occupants (children included)

*When is check-in time?

Check-in time is 4:00pm every day. 

*Can I check-in earlier than 4:00pm?

Maybe. Check-in time is 4:00pm, but occasionally we have some of the rooms finished earlier. You can always call the front desk and ask after 2:00pm to see.

*How late can I check-in?

While it is possible to check-in at anytime, we would strongly encourage you to try and check-in before the front desk and lobby closes at 10:00pm. If you cannot check-in before then we would ask that you contact us to let us know when you can arrive and we will then give you instructions on how to check-in after hours. 

*When is checkout time?

*Check out time is 12pm (noon)

*Can I get a later checkout time?

Maybe. Checkout time is 12pm (noon), but you can call the front desk on the morning of your checkout and ask if it's possible for late checkout. Permission depends on several factors including how many checkouts and check-ins we have that day and how much stress that will place on our housekeeping team to finish all rooms by the 4:00pm check-in time. We would really like to approve everyones request for a later checkout, but we risk not finishing rooms for folks to check-in on time.

*Are there washers and dryers in the units?

Unfortunately, no. However we do have a common area laundry room with four washers and dryers for guest/owner usage at no cost. The facilities are open 8am to 10pm everyday, and we provide the laundry soap.

*What are the pool and hot tub hours?

The pool and hot tub building is open 8am to 10pm everyday.

*What are the exercise room hours?

The exercise room is open 7am to 10pm everyday. 

*Do you have adult swim hours?

No. It is standard policy that we do not discriminate against anyone, for any reason, including based on a persons age. By offering an adult swim time we would be discriminating against parents with young children who have the right to the same resort amenities as anyone else.
However, if at anytime you witness young children not being supervised or anyone causing a disturbance, please report it immediately to the front desk and we will take action.

*Does the front desk & lobby close?

Yes. The front desk lobby area is open to everyone from 6:00am to 10:00pm everyday. However, someone is available to assist you 24/7 by dialing "0" on your room phone or dialing 360-665-5211.

*We love clam digging, can we dig clams year round?

Unfortunately no. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife regulates the clamming season to maintain the population, size and low toxin levels of shellfish. If you click the link below you can see the latest news on razor clamming and any dates/times available to dig: WDFW - Clam Digging

*Is it safe to swim in the ocean there?

No. The ocean here is hazardous due to rip currents and low temperatures. The beach is a lot of fun even without the swimming and we do have a great pool if you feel the urge. 

*Are there quiet hours?

Yes, the quiet hours are from 10:00pm to 8:00am everyday. If during quiet hours your peace is disturbed, please immediately contact the front desk and we will take swift action.

*Can I drive on the beach?

Yes our beach is classified as a public highway, but during some festivals, sections of the beach are closed to traffic. 

*Can I have bonfires on the beach?

Maybe. Assuming there isn't an active burn ban in effect you can have a bonfire on the beach. For ban information and rules regarding fires on the beach please contact the Pacific County Fire District #1 at 360-665-4451